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Eriq's Tavern

More Alcohol Than the German Speaking Nations of Europe

Eriq Sadiq
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I like pie.
$240 worth of pudding, 1980s, 8 bit theater, acting, adventure!, adventuring, ancient cultures, and one, animals, art, assemblage 23, beborn beton, being introspective, bella morte, biting, books, bright shinies, bruce campbell, buffy, caffeine, camping, cartoons, cheese, clubbing, clubs, codependence, collapse into reason, comedy, computers, cons, control.org, cooking, corporate goth, corporate whore, corruption's manifesto, cover songs, coyotes, creativity, cyberpunk, dancing, darkwave, death rays, dekoy, dilbert, douglas adams, duct tape, e nomine, eddie izzard, edgar allen poe, ego likeness, exploring, fight club, gaming, geeks, goth clubs, gothic, history, horror, industrial, inner child, invader zim, kevin smith, kmfdm, larp, lords of acid, mage, maryland, meat, meetin.org, meetindc, midc, ministry, mitch hedberg, monty python, mst3k, music, mythology, napoleon dynamite, new wave, nine inch nails, ninjas, office space, orpheus, people watching, pieces of eight, pirates, poetry, politics, pulp fiction, radio free brattleboro, reading, renaissance faires, retro, rivethead, road trips, role playing, role playing games, rpgs, schiller, shiny things, sisters of mercy, slick idiot, sluggy freelance, something positive, spirituality, streaming audio, strongbad, sushi, synthpop, tattoos, terry pratchett, the onion, the simpsons, the tick, thou shalt not, thrill kill kult, tool, trogdor, umbra et imago, urban legends, user friendly, voltaire, washington dc, web comics, weird al yankovic, weirdness, werewolves, white wolf, wolfsheim, women, world domination, world of darkness, writing, wu tang clan, wumpscut