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Day 11

Today's entry was another piece of ill fitting clothing going straight to the charity bag. 

The month so far

Here's a quick roundup of stuff I've gotten rid of so far this month. 

Days 1-4: Old club shirts I don't really wear anymore as I haven't been to goth night more than about once every two years (or less!) since around 2004 or so.

Day 5: Concert shirt I have never worn, don't really remember buying, and will probably never wear. I should've bought a CD instead.

Days 6 and 7: Free tshirts from volunteering and a booze advertisement shirt from a bar.

I've also listed a bottle of rare beer for sale on Ebay at a price I've seen it go for in the past. Can't guarantee that, so if it's not gone in a week, I'll drop the price and try again.

Day 8: A belt and drank a bottle of Firestone Walker Reserve Porter (I have a LOT of beer and wine in the apartment, and need to consume/share/gift before it turns - I think some of the wine has turned already.)

Day 9: Tossed out old copies of TurboTax.

Day 10: Sending a magnet to someone who I bought it for in November.  Since the person just had a birthday, it's time to get it out of the house and to the recipient.

Introducing the 30 Day Challenge

Crossposted from Google+ and Facebook.  I'm using G+ primarily to track this, and posting occasional updates to FB and now here. 


For the new year, instead of trying to make resolutions, I'm doing a 30 day challenge for this month. If I like it, I'll pick a new one next month and so on. I picked something easy for January (i.e. nothing diet related or to stop drinking or something), so that I don't give up in a week.

This month's challenge is to get rid of one thing a day. It can be anything that I wouldn't normally get rid of anyway, and I can remove it any way I want, as long as it's gone by the end of the month (no 30 trips to Goodwill). So basically, yes to throwing out or donating clothes, yes to gifting or finishing a bottle of alcohol or some fancy sauce or something, no to throwing out bad produce or using up the last of the milk.

Yes, this does mean I could just drink a beer every day for 30 days and feel successful. No, I'm not doing that, because while that would clean my closet a bit, it's not the spirit of the challenge, and frankly my liver wouldn't approve. I'm not trying to do a 30 day challenge of not buying anything, but I will try to limit replacing anything I do get rid of, especially consumables. I'm going to keep track of the whole thing here, to keep me honest.
I really need to dust this thing off and actually post occasionally.  Maybe it'll help me clear my head. 

Anyway, 2011 kind of blew for me, and I'm hoping 2012 evens out a bit.  I get that some things are what I make of it, and it wasn't entirely bad, but I'm still ready to be past it all.  So, here's what happened. . .

On the bad side:
-- Seema's stepmom passed away at the beginning of the year, after fighting with liver failure (long standing liver problems) and a second bout of cancer. 

-- After a crapload of work in 2009 and 2010 to get my mom diagnosed, on disability, seeing specialists, etc. just when she was starting to get in a more manageable spot (she had Parkinsons, so she was never going to get better), she passed away in April. 

-- As if flying to Arizona to arrange a funeral, clean up years worth of hoarded crap in my mom's place, and generally having to deal with it all wasn't enough, on the last couple days out there, I had to fix a flat tire on my dad's truck in the desert, and then the next morning run him to the hospital with a case of gout.  This adds to his array of other medical issues that worry me.

-- Shortly after my mom passed away, I got a giant middle finger in a major path of my career, and found out months later that it was mostly due to my own sheepishness about some stuff I did once upon a time, and can't really fix now.  Also some stuff that I'm working on fixing still.

-- Drama in some personal relationships that I can't really get into, and am working on.

-- Found out a bunch of previously unknown (to me) family history, challenging a bunch of assumptions I've lived with for years. 

On the plus side:
-- We finally set a date for the wedding.

-- Went to four weddings, including one I was in that involved a very good friend.

-- Managed to connect more with my family as an adult, even if it was under crap circumstances.

-- My initiative in trying to leave a crap position at work, while shot down, ended up in me being taken seriously enough to actually get some interesting work.

-- Said interesting work stoked the fire, and I got off my ass and actually leveled up in salary and title by leaving Lockheed after 11 years and finding a new job.

So yeah, it wasn't all bad, but I really hope this year pans out a little better than last.  I really don't need any more death or sickness for a while, and I'm working on fighting my own demons.

Weird, weird dream

Yes, LJ, I'm alive, but there are days I wonder.

Had a very, very weird dream last night. . . I was standing in a swamp for some weird reason, watching alligators try to eat explosive tennis balls (no, I don't get it either) and then one of them got out of the water and came after me.  It got me, and sort attached itself to my side (very cartoonish), and started eating it's way up to my arm and hand while I walked around (either it's a small alligator, or physics didn't apply here).  I remember being in a foreign country, yet oddly, everyone I asked for help as an American tourist, but none of them had working phones or any idea how to call a hospital.  Eventually, I woke up when the alligator was going to eat my hand, which scared me most since unlike chewing my side or something,  a missing hand is irreplaceable.  Dream logic is weird . . .

Anyway, I don't remember dreams much, and don't think I have a lot of nightmares, but damn, that was weird enough to note.

So yeah, wonder what all that means.


It's that time again

Due to real life stuff I need to post here and get off my chest, with a healthy dollop of maturity added on, I am not really as hardcore about St. Pat's (aka The White Guy Holy Day of Drinking) this year.  That said, this still needs to be posted, because it amuses the crap out of me.

The real story of St. Patrick's DayCollapse )

Today's xkcd is absolutely hilarious

I seriously laughed for like 10 minutes straight.  I so want to do this.



One of those days. . .

It's an instant coffee and microwave popcorn kind of day.  It's only Monday. . . I hope the rest of the week doesn't keep up like this.


How have I not posted this here yet?

I've really got to figure out what I do with this space, short of use it to keep commenting on friend's journals.  I don't use FaceHugger[0] much, but since I have more friends on there than anywhere else, I tend to announce things there and forget to do so here.  Anyway. . .

The Vegas trip I alluded to in the last post went well, very, very well.  The plans I was talking about coming to fruition did so, and also went well, so I can release them into the wild now (as I've done elsewhere that isn't here).

I popped the question while we were there, and Seema and I are now engaged.  No, we don't have a date set, or a location, or pretty much anything else figured out.  I'm still in that zone between "Holy crap, she said yes" and "Oh hell, I have to help with this planning stuff", so we haven't really talked about much.  Well, that, and we had some other stuff going on for her birthday, so that took priority when we got back.

And to answer any other questions in advance:

-- No, we didn't win big, but we didn't lose much either.
-- "O" was awesome, although unlike any other Cirque show I've seen.  I'd compare it to others, but it's apples and oranges.
-- "Blue Man Group" was visually interesting, but really fucking bizarre.  Like, bizarre enough that I think I'll never have to drop acid, because I'm sure that's what it's like.  If the show hadn't tried to have a theme or meaning, then I'd be fine, but it's like there was an attempt and I just missed the point.  Ah well, still entertaining.

So yeah, good times.


[0] For the like two people who are annoyed when I make fun of the names of organizations and such, I'm referring to Facebook. 

Things are brewing. . .

Off to Vegas for now bitches!  I love that Seema, on finding out where we were going for her birthday, wanted to spend an extra day there.  And I thought I was the bon vivant in this relationship. Haha!

Other things that have been in the works are afoot, and will be posted on my return.  This will end a long silence on the matter.

The eagle is landing.  In my pants.