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How have I not posted this here yet?

I've really got to figure out what I do with this space, short of use it to keep commenting on friend's journals.  I don't use FaceHugger[0] much, but since I have more friends on there than anywhere else, I tend to announce things there and forget to do so here.  Anyway. . .

The Vegas trip I alluded to in the last post went well, very, very well.  The plans I was talking about coming to fruition did so, and also went well, so I can release them into the wild now (as I've done elsewhere that isn't here).

I popped the question while we were there, and Seema and I are now engaged.  No, we don't have a date set, or a location, or pretty much anything else figured out.  I'm still in that zone between "Holy crap, she said yes" and "Oh hell, I have to help with this planning stuff", so we haven't really talked about much.  Well, that, and we had some other stuff going on for her birthday, so that took priority when we got back.

And to answer any other questions in advance:

-- No, we didn't win big, but we didn't lose much either.
-- "O" was awesome, although unlike any other Cirque show I've seen.  I'd compare it to others, but it's apples and oranges.
-- "Blue Man Group" was visually interesting, but really fucking bizarre.  Like, bizarre enough that I think I'll never have to drop acid, because I'm sure that's what it's like.  If the show hadn't tried to have a theme or meaning, then I'd be fine, but it's like there was an attempt and I just missed the point.  Ah well, still entertaining.

So yeah, good times.


[0] For the like two people who are annoyed when I make fun of the names of organizations and such, I'm referring to Facebook. 

Things are brewing. . .

Off to Vegas for now bitches!  I love that Seema, on finding out where we were going for her birthday, wanted to spend an extra day there.  And I thought I was the bon vivant in this relationship. Haha!

Other things that have been in the works are afoot, and will be posted on my return.  This will end a long silence on the matter.

The eagle is landing.  In my pants.


Geeky Friday

A couple links to finish the week off. . .

The Konami Code works on Google Reader.  I tried it, and yes, it works.  Unfortunately, I now have a Gothcicles song stuck in my head.  Damn you dj_rabid_angel !  Damn you!

Also. . . this just made me giggle. 

Guy robs 7-11 with Klingon weapon.  I'm not sure which is worse. . . that the guy did this, or the clerks recognized the damn thing.  Seriously, man, there's no honor in thievery!


D.C. gets schooled!

Let me fill the world in on a secret.  The Washington D.C. area is filled with people who can't stand the slightest bit of weather, and consider even a bit of summer rain to be cause to drive 20 miles an hour slower, clear out the stores, etc.  Now, when it happens in the winter, and snow or ice come out of the sky, even a couple inches of overnight snow is considered a Class V Killstorm, and you nearly get riots in the grocery stores with everyone trying to get their hands on bread, milk, eggs and toilet paper.  I guess snow gives people a craving for french toast and the diarrhea.

This is seriously one of most annoying things about living here, even if it does make my commute to work easier as schools and many government facilities shut down.  Today, though, today I've been vindicated by none other than the President himself.  That's right, the man basically called D.C. a bunch of pussies when it comes to winter.


Ha!  Take that bitches!


P.S. Note that this is totally apolitical.  If either of the Bushes made a similar comment, seeing as how they're really from Connecticut, I'd have been all over it just as much.

I am so immature

I'm working on something for work, and ran across someone named "Harry Johnson".

I'm haven't stopped giggling.  I swear I'm still 13.


Moment of Silence. . .

Holy crap, Ricardo Montalban died today at 88.  I seriously thought that dude would live forever on sheer pimpitude.

Sure, my first memories of him will be as the the chill dude who, with help from his midget friend, helped people make their dreams come true on some fantasy resort, but he was ultimately much more than that.  He was the dude who managed to take a one time part in a nearly forgotten 1960's space opera and came back to turn it into arguably the best film of the entire Star Trek movie series.

It's been said before, mostly by Shatner, but I'll say it again, to commemorate his life:


We'll miss you man.  Seriously.


P.S. Yes, I am a geek.

Thoughts for the day. . .

and. . .



I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby!


Life Lesson

Note to self:

When on travel, always tip the housekeeping staff in your hotel.  Seriously, they're not getting paid enough, and damn if they don't hook you up when you do.


When on business travel, you can also write that shit off.


Yo Vote'

For the record. . . I voted for Kodos.