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Introducing the 30 Day Challenge

Crossposted from Google+ and Facebook.  I'm using G+ primarily to track this, and posting occasional updates to FB and now here. 


For the new year, instead of trying to make resolutions, I'm doing a 30 day challenge for this month. If I like it, I'll pick a new one next month and so on. I picked something easy for January (i.e. nothing diet related or to stop drinking or something), so that I don't give up in a week.

This month's challenge is to get rid of one thing a day. It can be anything that I wouldn't normally get rid of anyway, and I can remove it any way I want, as long as it's gone by the end of the month (no 30 trips to Goodwill). So basically, yes to throwing out or donating clothes, yes to gifting or finishing a bottle of alcohol or some fancy sauce or something, no to throwing out bad produce or using up the last of the milk.

Yes, this does mean I could just drink a beer every day for 30 days and feel successful. No, I'm not doing that, because while that would clean my closet a bit, it's not the spirit of the challenge, and frankly my liver wouldn't approve. I'm not trying to do a 30 day challenge of not buying anything, but I will try to limit replacing anything I do get rid of, especially consumables. I'm going to keep track of the whole thing here, to keep me honest.


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